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For much more on Apex coins For Honor, make certain to read about how Ubisoft paid tribute to a deceased lover in the match's recent 1.25 upgrade. Furthermore, if all this discussion For Honor has you itching for a few Norse mythology (the For Honor game does have playable Vikings after all), you might also be interested in our latest look at God of War's Vanaheim concept art.

Normally, the patch notes for a brand new For Honor game upgrade are extremely sterile and straightforward, representing the changes that are being created and also, from time to time, a concise explanation by the programmer as to why they're making them. For the most part, the patch notes for medieval brawler For Honor's forthcoming 1.25 update follow the exact same simple template, with one noticeable exception. A couple of weeks before, the For Honor playerbase missing a dedicated and passionate enthusiast, so Ubisoft decided to immortalize them in a really unique fashion.

About four months before, Reddit user FatMooche69 submitted a heartfelt recounting on the official For Honor subreddit in which he talked about buy Apex Legends coins his friend'B' along with their mutual love of this For Honor game. When For Honor first came out, the two FatMooche69 and B were in high school, and 2 weeks before they were put to grad B overdosed in a party and later passed away from the hospital.

B's death obviously hit FatMooche69 difficult, and during For Honor FatMooche69 found a way to both grieve and pay respects to his missing friendly, largely be playing as the For Honor game's Raider character (B's preferred ).

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