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The process of education is full of adventures. It is a channel for discovering accidents and a journey to enjoy beautiful scenery. Then it must also be a process in which both body and spirit are on the road. The teaching wit is the guarantee of happiness, harmony, and uplifting emotions. Learning is a human activity, and it must have a lot of uncertainty. Teachers and students themselves vary widely. Teachers and students are changing their emotions every day Marlboro Cheap Cigarettes. The constant changes in the focus of teachers and students make teachings full of unknowable changes. Even if teachers and students have adapted to each other and lack novelty, they still need teaching wit. The highest level of teaching wit is no accident, creating accidents. Teaching wit is reflected in changes in the situation. If the students are not prepared enough before class, let the students return their attention to the classroom through some small games Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. Through some physical activities, move a foot, clap a hand, and activate the students' emotions, thus laying the foundation for happy learning. For example, many teachers who open classes will do some small games and let each student participate. Closer to the distance between the students, but also let the students feel the affinity of the teacher, feel that this class is different from the usual class. Classes often fly into small animals such as bees, wasps, and butterflies. Some students are afraid of the situation Marlboro Regular Cigarettes, some students just took the opportunity to perform. At this time, the teacher's treatment, the first trick: in the first moment of the discovery of the bee butterfly, tell the students: our classroom came a lovely uninvited guest, accepting the students' various emotions. The second measure: Please open the window to the students by the window, other students do not move. The third measure: memorizing the ancient poems about bee butterflies, it can also be the passages in the text that describe the small animals in the class. For example: "In our National Primary School," the class, the pupils of different nationalities, study in the same classroom. Everyone read the text together, the voice is really good! At this time, the window is very quiet, the branches are not shaken, the birds are not called, the butterflies are parked on the flowers, as if they are listening to the students reading the text." Fourth trick: please Introduce bees and butterflies for self-introduction. It can be information on the Internet, or you can ask your classmate to introduce yourself as a bee butterfly. After these four moves, the bee butterfly should have been settled and quietly left. The attention of students also shifts from fear and fun to the accumulation of knowledge and participation in activities. Teaching wit is reflected in the decisiveness of decision-making. If the participation of this class is low, the interest in the class is not high. It is necessary to change the teaching content, or the form of teaching. For example, when the problem is discussed, there is a cold field. It is very likely that the students are not prepared enough Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa, or the students do not understand the problem, and the thinking is stuck. Then judge quickly because the preparation is not sufficient, then read the text, familiarize with the text, and understand the content. If you don't understand the problem, reduce the difficulty of the problem, set the problem of different steps, and give the students the direction and direction of thinking. When the students' emotions are not high, if the competition and the evaluation are adopted, the students' consciousness and participation will be significantly improved, and the mutual influence between the peers will also increase. This is a change in the form of teaching. Changes can also be made in the content of the course. Adjust some of the more difficult content to the next lesson, and focus on solving some of the learning content that allows students to experience a sense of accomplishment and increase participation. Teaching wit is reflected in the directionality of the goal. No matter how divergent thinking is, you must gather it to your teaching goals. When some teachers ask students to ask questions Newport 100'S Cigarettes, they are led by the students, instead of effectively summing up and improving students' problems, so that it can be linked to this lesson. The teaching difficulties and teaching priorities have led to fragmentation of the classroom. Some teachers are entangled in a certain link, and there is an imbalance in the distribution of time, so that the direction of the classroom is unknown. Before the class, you can let the students clarify the objectives of this lesson. When students are learning, they can use their own initiative, complete the task of learning easily, deepen the degree, and use all kinds of listening, speaking, reading and writing training to fully train the top students. After the students choose to practice, they are all upgraded. Now, when you create a lesson, what is the student��s acquisition in this class? This kind of acquisition needs to be quantified to qualitative change. The teacher is the guide who leads the students through the winding path to the destination, and is constantly in the process of crossing. A magician who creates surprises and lets students see flowers. In short, no matter which kind of teaching wit, it should be based on the protection of students' interest, learning enthusiasm and self-esteem. We must care for the self-esteem of the students like the dew on the lotus leaf. Teaching wit is the concern for others. It is also the concern for students. We are on the road, physically and mentally on the road, investing all the power of the wild, letting them gain professional growth, and improve and care for their mental and physical health. This is the biggest meaning of training and learning.

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