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Beyond educating its customers on sizing, [url=http://www.marysiamilewski.fr/Nike-Air-Max-270-Femme-Blanche-c-16_107.html]Nike Air Max 270 Femme Blanche[/url] and hopefully helping more people avoid injuries from wearing [url=http://www.marimarruiz.es/Nike-Air-Pegasus-83-Mujer-c-64_66.html]Nike Air Pegasus 83 Mujer[/url] the wrong size shoe, this technology could also be a financial boon for Nike, with its dominant position in the sneaker  industry.According to NPD Group sports analyst Matt Powell, Nike is the No. 1 [url=http://www.jeremyleon.fr/Nike-Air-Max-95-Femme-c-22_23.html]Nike Air Max 95 Femme[/url] footwear brand in the U.S. in terms of sales, [url=http://www.ranchmistral.fr/]www.ranchmistral.fr[/url] representing roughly one-third of the market, ahead of Adidas, with 11% of the market, and Under Armour. It also remains really [url=http://www.juliengauthier.fr/]www.juliengauthier.fr[/url] hot among teens with money to spend.“Nike is not in any danger of giving up No. 1 by any means,” Powell said. “The consumer today is looking [url=http://www.ranchmistral.fr/Nike-Air-Max-95-Femme-c-19_20.html]Nike Air Max 95 Femme[/url] for unique products,” which Nike continues to churn out, he said.However, Adidas, while it still holds a smaller share of the U.S. market, has been growing sales in the U.S. at a faster rate. In its latest reported quarter, Adidas said North America sales grew by more than 11%, compared with a 7% gain in Nike’s sales in the [url=http://www.jeremyleon.fr/Nike-Air-Max-2017-Femme-c-10_11.html]Nike Air Max 2017 Femme[/url] region. [url=http://www.corniloriding.co.uk/adidas-zx-flux-c-78/adidas-zx-flux-womens-c-78_80/]Adidas ZX Flux Womens[/url]

Adidas is also ramping up for a sneaker collaboration with Beyonce, which is expected to generate momentum in the [url=http://www.jennycolgan.co.uk/Adidas-Superstar-Womens-c-58_60.html]Adidas Superstar Womens[/url] U.S.In 2018, 64% of Nike brand revenues came from footwear — shoe sales were $22.27 billion out of $34.49 billion in total [url=http://www.verdeypaisaje.es/Nike-Air-Max-Tavas-Mujer-c-34_36.html]Nike Air Max Tavas Mujer[/url] sales. That doesn’t include sales from Converse, which operates as a separate business within Nike, and so Converse sneakers [url=http://www.verdeypaisaje.es/Nike-Air-Max-97-Mujer-c-22_24.html]Nike Air Max 97 Mujer[/url] won’t be compatible with Nike Fit.Shoe sales were up 6% last year, excluding currency changes, thanks to strength in running, Nike said. [url=http://www.jennycolgan.co.uk/Adidas-NMD-Womens-c-55_57.html]Adidas NMD Womens[/url] But that was less than the 8% growth in footwear revenues in 2017, as Nike didn’t sell as many Jordan shoes in 2018.When testing Nike Fit in [url=http://www.corniloriding.co.uk/adidas-zx-850-c-75/adidas-zx-850-womens-c-75_77/]Adidas ZX 850 Womens[/url] stealth in three markets — Seattle, Pasadena, California, and Dallas — Martin said the company noticed conversion rates increased for the people who used Nike Fit to find the right shoe size, meaning those [url=http://www.jeremyleon.fr/Nike-Air-Max-1-Femme-c-7_8.html]Nike Air Max 1 Femme[/url] people were more likely to leave the store with a bag in their hands.

They were also more likely [url=http://www.ranchmistral.fr/Nike-Air-Vapormax-Femme-c-46_47.html]Nike Air Vapormax Femme[/url] to come back [url=http://www.juliengauthier.fr/Adidas-ZX-750-Femme-c-103_104.html]Adidas ZX 750 Femme[/url] later and buy another pair of shoes. Nike said returns were down at those stores. And associates spent less time running [url=http://www.verdeypaisaje.es/Nike-Air-Max-1-Mujer-c-7_9.html]Nike Air Max 1 Mujer[/url] back and forth to the stock room to gather other sizes.It can also help Nike stock the right inventory. Martin explained that [url=http://www.marimarruiz.es/Nike-Air-Max-270-Mujer-c-31_36.html]Nike Air Max 270 Mujer[/url] Nike, like many shoe brands, typically ships shoes in bulk to different regions based on a standard “curve” that’s long predicted for [url=http://www.pretoralarm.se/Adidas-ZX-Flux-Dam-c-19_20.html]Adidas ZX Flux Dam[/url] the industry how many people typically wear each shoe size. But he said that curve is not as exact as it could be. And so it’s easy for [url=http://www.jonhaylett.co.uk/Nike-Air-Presto-Womens-c-33_35.html]Nike Air Presto Womens[/url] companies to end up with too many size 10 sneakers in one market, when it’s really the 9 that more of those people need to be wearing, for example. Data gathered from Nike Fit should help the company make its own curve of sorts.

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