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Maqui berry farmers acres, paddy area it can harvest three endure ~ 3. 5 have tobacco, dry slope may harvest carry around 2. five, each to the acquisition Cheap Newport 100s Online Of Smoking Cigarettes Leaves For Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Onlineaverage associated with 500 ~ 600 or bear the purchase price (guangdong), type of smoke income is about twice of rice. Although the outcome of paddy field, however, is often poor, The average acquisition price is going to be lower. The tobacco simply leaves in the farmland with a fresh moisture content, green or even slightly yellow. 16% ~ 18%. After the preliminary roasting, the tobacco results are roasted by maqui berry at the edge of the farmland, heated through coal, and the moisture content is reduced to 16% ~ 18%. The tobacco foliage are then graded as well as sold to tobacco companies. FuKaoChang, set FuKaoChang wants tobacco based on grade, wants to go to the sections into leaves,Marlboro Red Cigarettes The cigarettes, the complex flue-cured cigarettes (cigarettes), used as the "smoke".

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