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Genuine cigarette peak colouring light "looming", the peak carries a hazy feeling. This phony cigarette peak is relatively crystal clear, heavy Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes color.
Font connected with yellow crane tower. Legitimate cigarette yellow crane podium font bronzing beautiful, complete, smooth strokes, strokes midst convex concave edge, side touch Wholesale Newport Cigarettes concave convex experience. This counterfeit cigarette yellow-colored crane tower font bronzing is relatively dim, smooth cerebral vascular accidents, no concave convex sensation.
(2) printing of art logos on the back
1 . Photographs of brothers. Genuine cig brother head design publishing, bronzing figure design very clear, beautiful, design lines curvy, hand touch concave convex feeling obvious. This replica cigarette Newport 100s Cigarettes brother head style fuzzy, paste gold, design and style line level off, the particular hand touch no cavit�� convex feeling.
2 . Col tender seal. Genuine ciggie "canyon tenderness" seal colour is bright red. This kind of counterfeit cigarette "canyon tenderness" seal color is pinkish.

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