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 Betreff :in charge of tobacco based on the case value.. 18-05-2020 12:01:53 
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may also ask Newport Regular Cigarettes for compensation to tang mou of holder regarding license of tobacco monopoly sale retail and business and commercial business. 3. Event revelation In reality, often the buck-passing problem caused by unlawful operation is universal. Because the shops have just taken over, the actual operators are often unwilling or even idle to apply for a new cigarettes monopoly retail license and also operate the retail company under the false name of tobacco. The act Cheap Newport 100s Free Shipping of Wholesale Newport Cigarettes buying, marketing, renting, lending or intend to transferring the tobacco monopoly license by any other indicates is strictly prohibited from the measures for the administration involving tobacco monopoly license. As soon as there is a problem with the smoking cigarettes sold, the store concerned is not going to face the risk of consumer statements, but also may be penalized with the department in charge of tobacco based on the case value.

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