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While in the picture with Hongtashan vapor smoke price variety, the price is rather high. This marketplace price is definitely 7 yuan a pack.

Hongtashan vapor smoke core ranges

Packaging: Red Wind generator tower mountain very difficult classic 1956 by using white as being the main colouring, with a brand's Newport Box Cigarettes exceptional red wind generator tower brand CUSTOM LOGO pattern, the the top of cigarette instance printed together with the brand Buy Cigarettes Online Free Shipping purple Tower mountain / hill three thoughts, highlighting a brand properties. The over-all design style is straightforward and kind. The design of your cigarette is likewise simple plus clear. The cigarette incorporates extended senior yellow pool filter paper plus matched together with the white vapor smoke body. This is the standard style and design of family mass.


While in the picture with Hongtashan vapor smoke price variety, it is directed at Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons people. As a variety of benefiting people today, it has excellent, good flavour and thoughtful price. This cigarette once were the diet program cigarette for many people, you will feel it significantly.

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