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The cigarette has a strong scent when lit, and the cigarette holder has a sweet taste, and the sweetness is numb, and it feels numb and crisp in the mouth when it is smoked. The first bite, the rich taste Marlboro Cigarettes, is not the taste of tobacco at all, it is the taste of spices. The tobacco is filled with completely unfamiliar things, and another breath is taken, and the smoke enters the lungs, which is slightly greasy, and there is a kind of cream. The scent comes from the mouth, the satisfaction is strong, and the taste feels numb, it can’t describe it, like eating sesame oil, you can’t feel the smell of smoke~ it is the very strong flavor of the essence Online Cigarettes, to sum up, the taste is very strong and the fragrance very special. If you are willing to try, you can try it. Light a cigarette, let happiness or sadness drift away, and let you and I understand each other in these few minutes! Blue and yellow are entangled like thoughts, circling around, waiting for the wind to blow them away, these three quarters At the time of the smoke, I don't look at you, but I also know the slight sadness under your calm expression! It is worth mentioning that Marlboro's appearance has always been very high Cheap Cigarettes, especially all kinds of explosive beads. There is also a sense of high-end atmosphere in the hand.
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