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But, not like regular futures, CFDs are offered for abundant smaller purchase sizes and with larger leverage. This makes CFDs a perfect product for investors who are looking to trade within the commodity and stock index markets.

Why Trade CFDs with CM Trading?


One among the greatest edges of CFDs is that they will be traded in little sizes. Conjointly, like Forex instruments, massive leverage is obtainable for CFD trading. These compares to futures contracts which are obtainable solely in large contract sizes and require a hefty minimum margin requirement per position.

For example - a futures contract on the S&P 500 relies on 50 times the value of the S&P 500 Index. Thus, if the S&P five hundred is trading at $ 1000, the price of the futures contract is $ fifty, 00zero, and each modification of one purpose within the index results in a $ 50 gain / loss during a futures position. Also, in order to hold that $ 50.00zero position, you'll would like an initial margin requirement of $ 500zero in your account.

With CFDs, CM Trading permits you to trade position sizes of simply 5 times the value of the S&P 500. So, the minimum position size in our example would solely be $ 5000 (this compares to $ fifty, 000 above). Also, CM Trading has an initial margin demand of only a pair ofp.c of the contract size. So, whether or not a Cfd trader took a $ fifty, 000 position like in the $ 64000 Futures contract, the minimum margin would solely be $ one thousand.


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