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First of all, as the ��self-representation of the first lesson of the school, our favorite TFBOYS brothers sang the first lesson. We will be the successors of the new era and will listen to the stories of the veterans on the Long March. Let us pass on the Long March story together. Uncle Hou Yong explained to us the hardships on the Long March and the spirit of the Red Army who persisted and never gave up! His passionate and heroic voice recited the "Seven Laws" made by Chairman Mao Zedong with enthusiasm Online Cigarettes. Long March. Listening to Uncle Hou Yong��s "Seven Laws" Long March, I felt the feeling of Chairman Mao Zedong in making this poem. The most profound thing I missed was the first lesson: the belief is not moving! The little game that I did in the second lesson! Mr. Hu Zhengxian, the old Red Army mokingusacigarettes.com, told his story of the Long March! "The clairvoyance of the Red Army and the ears of the wind" is the communications soldier. In the course of the Long March, the communications soldier is everyone's "clairs and ears"! Mr. Hu Zhengxian also told everyone: there was no gasoline or diesel in the year. Under the conditions of eating too much electricity, lard and butter have been refined to keep the generator running Cigarettes Online. The old Red Army Liang Tianwen tells the story of him and Yang political commissar. He and Yang political commissar are very good, Yang political commissar is like His elders helped Mr. Liang Tianwen many times on the Long March, and Liang Tianwen was waiting for the courtesy of the Yang political commissar. He was still waiting for the second lesson of the Yang dynasty's descendants in the program. In the game of the iron bridge, I I feel how powerful the teamwork is! The students are divided into the "starting team" and the "first team", the "starting team" is the first to play, but Because everyone's teamwork awareness is not so good, so the "First Team" won the competition. The "First Team" team teamwork is very close and excellent! Teamwork is also on the Long March road, the last famous singer Li Guyi Song Yaxuan, a student of the second season of the Music Masters class, sang "I and my motherland" with impassioned songs. With their singing, the audience waved the five-star red flag in their hands, engraving the spirit of the ancestors' long march in my heart. After reading the first lesson of the school, I was very touched. There is a saying that is good: the road of life is always on the Long March! After listening to the story told by Uncle Hou Yong and the grandmothers of the old Red Army, I have learned more about the difficulties of the Long March. Perseverance and unyielding spirit. At this time, I felt a kind of power, a force that surpassed history because of history. I thank the ancestors in the Long March and thank them for leaving us a valuable gift Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Spiritual wealth - persevere in the end, the eternal spirit of the Long March! And whether in life or in other things, when we encounter difficulties Cheap Cigarettes, no Clothes, not backward, fell pick back up, it is the right approach sons and daughters!
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