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. It only quietly fits into it. Big and full peanuts. When the peanuts were lunch, the baby saw the peanuts that had just gotten out of the ground on the window sill Parliament Cigarettes, and they liked it to her. When I talked about my incomprehensible baby, the baby replied very seriously: "Of course it is used to install beautiful autumn!" "What are the peanuts used for?" I asked. "Mom, this is a secret!" After the baby sang the song "Little Dragon Man", "I won't tell you, I won't tell you..." The singer's song ran away and interrupted my thoughts. This was discovered inadvertently, we have already arrived at the nearby Tiandi Square. Along the way, the baby was excited to dance, singing the first "Childhood" in the last school chorus competition, while stretching his arms and running against the wind on the grass, the voice of the scorpion began to be a little hoarse Wholesale Cigarettes. I was distressed and shouted behind: "Slow down! Slow down! It's a crazy girl. The baby stopped listening, stood in the same place and began to look up at the sky. "Mom, look! The sky in the distance is so high! The blue sky is like a sea without a view! There are those clouds! mom! You see that the white clouds are like a lazy little white rabbit Cigarettes For Sale, lying in the arms of the blue sky and sleeping! "Baby shouted at the sky with excitement. Far away, I looked in her direction, as if I really saw a white rabbit squinting lying on the blue sky." Mom, I like those clouds, I think they are like a single cotton candy! Hey, Mom, I have to pick them up and put them in my big backpack. This is my first gift for autumn! Walk to the flower beds on both sides of the square, where a cluster of autumn chrysanthemums blooms. The dazzling golden color in the sun seems to be a fairy in a beautiful coat, scattered in the breeze. A few colorful butterflies flew around in the flowers, shivering their beautiful wings shyly Cheap Cigarettes, as if they were to be as beautiful as these fairies. Baby took my hand and chased the flying butterfly. The mouth kept shouting: "Quick, Mom! I am going to catch a beautiful butterfly. That is the second gift I gave to autumn! Butterfly and I came to an unknown tree, and our arrival seemed to wake up the fallen leaves in our sleep. There was a rustling sound coming from the ear, maybe these lonely, slightly depressed leaves are for us. Applause, welcome their new friends! Baby is very happy, even lying on them with mischief, and screaming on the ground. I pulled up the baby and picked up the fallen leaves for her. Be careful with the underground, how is it like a tomboy! "A yellowed heart-shaped leaf seems to be unwilling to pull the wind girl's hand slowly and fall down gently, falling gently in the baby's hand. "Mom, look at you, beautiful leaves!" Is it that when the leaves on the tree are old, they will fall from the tree? "Baby curiously asked me. Yes, I used to sigh at these autumn leaves that are dying in the wind. Every time I remember my heart, I will always leave my inexplicable embarrassment. In fact, why don't we want to be simple, maybe, this is not only It is only the end of a life, it is more indicative of the beginning of a charming life! Just thinking about my leaves and sorrows, but there is no trace of the baby in front of me. Busy turned around to find, in the distance, the baby is kneeling On the ground, one by one, picking up the fallen leaves, I walked over and looked at the leaves in the hands of the baby and said, "This is not good, it is too brittle, and it will be crushed when touched!" "I didn't expect the baby to say to me very seriously: "Mom, you see me blowing it, it will drift away, just like dandelion can fly!" Oops, Mom, don't you often tell me to know how to enjoy the beauty of the process? I must have more of this kind of leaves, this is my third gift for autumn! "Baby put the yellow leaves neatly stacked together, carefully put them into the bag. Then take the peanuts out of the bag and let me peel it off. One of them is the same age as the baby." The little girl saw her busy running and asked what it was going to do. Baby was very proud to tell her, "I want to plant peanuts under this big tree! "I suddenly felt it in my heart. It turned out that this is the little secret that Baby didn't tell me! In a short while, the two little friends became a very tacit partner. One peanut and two seeds are just one for each person. I picked it up. A clean stone sat down next to them, watching them dig, sow, and water. Finally I saw that they were successful and they were very excited. I was very excited, as if I had returned to my childhood. I didn��t know it. The time of the family, the little friends reluctantly say goodbye. When breaking up, the baby piled up a high hill under the tree planting peanuts. I was very proud to say to me: "Mom, this is me. Give the most precious gift of the fall! That is hope! I believe that this seed will surely bloom after the autumn rain. On the way home, a sanitation worker who is on the ages sits on the street. There are thick leaves in front of them, surrounded by clean and clean streets. I quickly and confidently said to the baby: "What are we looking for in this beautiful autumn?" Baby yelled behind me: "I know, I know, it is the sweat of my grandfather's hard work!" I am so pleased The pace of riding a car is even faster. This season, I and the baby meet in the sun, happy to catch up with the hurried pace of autumn. It is true that the fall is far more than that, and there are rows of geese flying south, that full of golden fruit, the joy and satisfaction of the harvest... We will fill the autumn with heavy backpacks and plant beautiful scenery Heart field. There is no flamboyant rhetoric that praises the fall, and there is no sorrow and joy of the literati. Some are just the autumn colors in the eyes of a child who is childish, and the precious gifts that are given to the fall and the best hopes that have been planted in this golden autumn season Marlboro Cigarettes, a beautiful dream!
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