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Internet Service Providers Computers Articles | April 14 Comprar Hombre Nike Air VaporMax Plus Negras , 2009


Internet service providers are usually in need for optimization and management solutions that will allow them to better monitor and optimize subscribers' use of their ISP services.



Internet Service Provider (ISP) is also known as Internet Access Provider (IAP). Usually, Internet Service Providers are corporations that offer Internet services to their customers or network.


ISPs work by making use of a technology called data transmission that is suitable for rendering data-grams of Internet Protocol such as DSL, high-speed interconnects, cable modems, and dial-up.


ISP offers the client with username Mujer Nike Air Max TN Rosa Blancas Baratas , access contact number, software package, and password details. Once a client is equipped with modem, heshe can then get access and surf the World Wide Web. A person can thus send and accept electronic messages via ISP servers.


Apart from providing service to individual clients, Internet Service Providers serve large business houses and corporate offices proffering them with direct connectivity network to Internet. ISPs are also interconnected via (NAPs) Network Access Points. They employ wide range of applications thereby enabling users to stay connected to the network. ?


Internet Service Providers also offer various services including remote storage of data files on behalf of the users and other services that are unique to every specific ISP.


For small businesses and home users Hombre Nike Air Max TN Negras Verdes Comprar , the most famous and recognized alternatives are ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), broadband wireless, FTTH (fiber to the premises), ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), and cable modem.


Users that have high demanding requirements especially large business organizations may make use of Ethernet Comprar Nike Air Max Plus TN Ultra Negras , Gigabit Ethernet, ISDN (PRI or BRI), Satellite Internet Access, Frame Relay, DSL (ADSL or SHDSL) Ofertas Nike Air Max Plus TN Ultra Blancas , Metro Ethernet, and SONET (Synchronous Optical Networking).


Most people that have weight loss surgery remain successful long after the procedure. If you want to qualify for a gastric bypass, you have to be 100 pounds overweight. Even though Medicare and a small number of private insurance companies will cover lap band surgery, many people will have to pay for this out of pocket.


Consuming fresh produce can be difficult. You should keep selections of them frozen in order to provide yourself many options. It is a simple matter to come up with a meal at the last minute if broccoli is on hand in the freezer. If you adopt strategies like this, you won't have any excuses for not eating enough fruits and vegetables.


Once you have lost enough weight that your clothing sizes have changed Nike Air Max 1 Just Do It Naranja En línea , go through your closet and remove clothes that no longer fit. This will help you reflect on your success and show you that you are a new person. You will be motivated to keep off the weight you have already lost, and will be encouraged to lose even more.


Remove milk or anything in your diet made with milk and see if that results in any changes to your weight. Certain people can be allergic to milk, or lactose intolerant without knowing it. In many cases, people will experience an increase in weight or bloating without realizing that milk is the culprit.


Knowing how to read nutrition labels is very helpful. Even if a food item is fat-free, it may not be good for you. Even fat-free foods can contain large amounts of sugar and calories Rebajas Hombre Nike Free RN 2018 Just Do It Negras Blancas , defeating the purpose of that food being fat-free. Read the nutrition label thoroughly so that you know exactly what you are eating.


You may want to consider consulting a dietician to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Use this guru to help you make the best decisions about eating. The most important aspect of losing weight is to eat a healthy diet.


If you want to lose weight, it's important to pay attention to portion size. People usually eat everything on their plate regardless of portion size. When you load your plate, try a smaller portion than you would normally. By taking this step, you will keep yourself from falling prey to overeating due to cleaning your plate.


Consuming milk before meals can help you lose weight. You will get a sense of fullness by drinking milk that may prevent you from overindulging during a meal. Milk is rich in calcium which helps build strong bones and muscles.


Record your progress when you are trying to lose weight. Track your weight every day to be reminded of how much you need to lose to reach your goal. This process gives you some extra motivation to stick with your goals.


Statistically, 20 percent of patients receiving weight-loss surgery had to have another surgery Zapatillas Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Essential Hombre Azules , due to side effects from the first one. Some patients may develop some form of a nutritional deficiency, and a drastic weight loss might increase the chances of developing gallstones. A fitness routine and diet are still required for a patient who has achieved weight loss through surgery.


Lexordaren - About Author:
Prepared to take your health and fitness towards the subsequent level? Or just wish to really get healthy? Whatever your objective is, you'll need a great strategy to create it transpire. I recommend utilizing the physical fitness plan presented in the Fat Burning Furnace routine. This program is efficient and can be adjusted for all levels of physical fitness. So if you are working on your six pack, or just want to lose your tummy fat then grab Fat Buring Furnace right now!

Business Credit Cards With Rewards Programs

Posted by nick_niesen on October 29th, 2010

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You can find a lot of good reasons why you shouldn’t go for a broad marketplace and rather focus on a niche.. Your company can blossom when targeting your place of interest Nike Air Force 1 Blue UK , this composition will see 3 obvious incentives..


The most essential factor which you obtain any time you focus on your niche is that you truly get the consideration of the target market place. Let’s face it; should you go right after a bigger group of individuals, you are going to should face a good deal of competition. This simply means that by going after your targeted niche, you’ll be capable to stand out in the crowd and actually connect together with your prospect’s desires in just about every feasible way. You can reach them in a simple way and they won’t definitely evaluate you for your competition. After you’ve identified your particular audience, you can show them how you’ll be able to help them Nike Air Force 1 White UK , and your much less targeted competition cannot do that also. This niche is often your beginning point, but the moment your customers trust you in this area, it will then be quick to broaden your horizons and marketplace in new niches. Performing important function in niches that happen to be much like your individual after you’ve cornered that little location of industry is a further method to capitalize in your achievement. You have got the correct to shift your concentrate every time you feel the time has come. Which means that you’ll be able to create an revenue from different niches each and every single month. The essential thing to keep in mind is the fact that as soon as you have managed to be productive in 1 niche you’ve accomplished the difficult aspect and all that stays is usually to repeat the procedure. You will discover several various niches which might be connected and straightforward to duplicate in ever niche marketplace that’s out there.


This approach to your small business will enable you to continue to be conscious of one’s customers’ needs so it is possible to superior serve them. You are going to assemble trust and credibility along with your consumers, that will mean they’ll be loyal to you and recommend you. You’ll uncover you can anticipate the requirements and preferences of your clients when you are targeted on a niche you know well. Though you will have to maintain on enhancing your goods and come to be better with time Nike Air Force 1 Red UK , when you take your thoughts off your products, it becomes effortless to find out how you may satisfy your consumers and enhance your attain, as very simple as that.


Zero Waste Solution - Waste to Energy Technology Technology Articles | September 4, 2008

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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Some things are very difficult to recycle. Most of the time Nike Air Force 1 Pink UK , leftover waste will end up in landfills or incinerators. This is where the ?Plasma Gasification Process (PGP)? comes in. The process offers a zero waste solution to converting garbage to a clean synthetic gas and other products to make electricity, fertilizer, construction material, salt and clean water.

PGP is a thermal process that involves the application of intense heat to waste materials in a completely closed Nike Air Force 1 Black UK , controlled, and oxygen-starved environment. This process converts waste materials into a clean synthetic gas and heat that can be used to generate electricity. This is not an incineration process because no burning occurs.

There are three products produced by PGP. The main product of the process is a synthetic gas produced when the volatile elements in the waste material are reduced to their base molecules. This gas is used to generate electricity by feeding it into the same type of gas engine used in the production of electricity from natural gas.

The second product of the process is heat which produces steam. The steam is collected and fed into the electricity generation process to improve its efficiency.

The third and final product of the process is a glass-like reusable solid (otherwise known as slag) that is produced when the non-volatile elements of the waste material decompose. As hard and clean as glass, this solid has a variety of uses such as a road or building material additive. The solid does not react with other elements and leaches less than the glass from a common soda bottle.

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High Blood Pressure Causes and Natural Home Remedies Health Articles | June 12 Nike Air VaporMax Plus NZ , 2011

BP is the pressure exerted by blood on arterial walls as heart pumps blood in to arteries. Some amount of pressure is indispensable in circulating blood to utmost ends of organs from head to foot.

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by blood on arterial walls as heart pumps blood in to arteries. Some amount of pressure or force is indispensable in circulating blood to utmost ends of organs from head to foot. But when this pressure exceeds normal, it is referred to as hypertension or high blood pressure (high BP). High BO is a 'silent killer' because for some people, it produces no symptom at all and very quietly ruins the body.?

The fast paced city life and craze to achieve the most in minimum time have caused one to be a slave to severe mental and physical stress. This definitely has a role to play in elevating BP. The normal BP should be around 12080; BP ranging between 12080 and 13989 indicates a pre-hypertensive state and BP beyond 14090 is said to be high blood pressure. The upper number is the systolic pressure. Systolic pressure is indicative of the maximum pressure in the arteries as heart contracts and pumps and pushes blood forward in to arteries. In other words, the number signifies the maximum BP to which arteries can be exposed.?

The lower number is diastolic pressure. It reflects the pressure in arteries as heart relaxes after contraction. It is in fact the pressure between two heart beats. Diastolic pressure is indicative of the minimum pressure to which arteries can be exposed. High blood pressure leads to grave complications like congestive heart failure Nike Air VaporMax NZ , heart attack, weakening of aorta wall or aortic aneurysms, hardening of arteries or arteriosclerosis, stroke Nike Air Max TN NZ , kidney failure, eye damage etc. Some symptoms of high BP could be headache, neck ache, dizziness Nike Air Max Plus NZ , palpitations, chest pain, and shortness of breath, blurred vision Nike Air Max 2019 NZ , nausea and vomiting. The causes of high BP may be listed as follows:

1. Aging
2. Heredity
3. Stress
4. Salt intake
5. Smoking
6. Excessive alcohol intake
7. Obesity
8. Physical inactivity
9. Fatty, fried and oily diet
10. Hormonal changes in women
11. Medications like cold medications, allergy medications, contraceptive pills Nike Air Max 2018 NZ , diet pills, stimulants etc.

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

1. Take a glassful of lemon juice daily or lemon in salads or lemon tea to keep BP under check. Lemon is effective in preventing fragility of capillaries.

2. Consume 2-3 cloves of garlic every day. Garlic slows down pulse and checks palpitations and spasms of small arteries. Therefore it is quite effective in lowering high BP.

3. Add 1 ounce honey to 2 teaspoons of onion juice and take daily. This will reduce high blood pressure.

4. Mix carrot and spinach juices to make 600 ml of mixed juice. Drink it to relieve high BP symptoms.

5. Roast watermelon seeds and grind them to powder. Take 1 and half teaspoon of the powder daily. This is an effective home remedy for high BP.

6. Boil 2 potatoes, peel off skin, and cut them to slices. Marinate the slices with a pinch of black pepper and consume. This is a delicious solution to high BP problem.

7. Add 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper to lukewarm water and drink. This provides fast relief from high blood pressure.

8. Take 1 tablespoon Indian gooseberry juice mixed with honey daily morning. This is beneficial in treating high BP problem.

9. Boil 20 gm parsley leaves in 250 ml water. Strain and drink to get rid of high blood pressure.

10. Consumption of brown rice in plenty relieves high BP symptoms

11. Eat a papaya on empty stomach regularly. Do not eat any thing else up to 2 hours from the consumption of papaya. This is a beneficial high blood pressure cure.

12. Drinking 8-10 glasses of ionized water lowers high blood pressure.

Today Nike Air Max 98 NZ , with everyone’s life being so mechanical, many of us give some time to occasion. Together with all the joyful periods, we certainly have our weekends and occasional gatherings usually hesitating for us. Very well, thanks to these types of gatherings that individuals feel so exciting following everything pressure and all the work. The clothes we elect to don on these vary with the place and the occasion. A person might go to a celebration with very good friend in clever casuals and one will opt for the very best stylish fashion clothing for participating in all uber event. Kinds of outfits should be useful for diverse gatherings as you will feel safe and handy using the right costume. Like you cannot really dress in a formal suit for a shore occasion otherwise you won’t be able to attend your workplace social gathering in the casuals. You’ll find different and modern costumes available for most of these gatherings while using the latest style and trend in your mind.


Talking celebration clothes; both genders already have different dresses based on the type of social gathering. If we think of celebration with about three different types depending on the explanation for the social gathering Nike Air Max 97 NZ , we are able to categorize them in formal, semi-formal and simple gatherings. The most effective normal gown for any official event for men is tuxedo. Tuxedo with a tie on the suitable style and shade looks fabulous on almost any man. For the fairer sex, still depends on the party. One can go along with the entire maxi outfit or properly designed gowns, that can be designed for such occasions.

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It is not without some solid reasons that a lot of people have shown great desire to undertake trauma insurance.


One of the chief reasons why more and more people are finding the trauma insurance a viable option stems from the fact that it has become very affordable. Besides Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Kids UK , you are required to pay a lump sum type of payment. Of course, one of the prerequisites to avail this kind of insurance is that you must be suffering from one major medical condition.


Service providers who provide the trauma cover realize the importance of financial hardships imposed by inflation on their consumers. Therefore, they pay fixed periodic sums so that it can tide away this financial stress in your life. This is done primarily keeping in mind the rising costs associated with medical expenses or other living costs.


The manner in which the trauma cover works is very interesting. For instance, this kind of cover normally intends to address the area that is mostly not covered by other forms of insurance. Therefore, god forbid, whenever you are diagnosed with some kind of serious illness, it is bound to create a lot of financial and mental stress in your life. It is presence of this type of insurance that gives you some kind of relief in the event when you are diagnosed with critical illness.


Coming to the types of critical illness that are included within the definition of  ritical illness鈥?it includes medical conditions such as loss of speech Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Mens UK , Alzheimer's Disease, blindness, stroke, etc. the greatest advantage of such an insurance is that you are paid even if you do not encounter permanent disability due to such medical conditions. Of course, what you get paid will largely depend upon specific disease. For instance, in the event that you return back to work after six months of the stroke taking place, you still get paid. This is something that sets this kind of insurance totally different from others.




Julia Roger - About Author:
For more information on trauma insurance Cheap Nike Air Force 1 Womens UK , check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the trauma cover!


Here you are at movers and packers Allahabad. You get dedicated support from us on the loading and unloading services, warehousing services, home-relocation services, and workplace relocation services. We have been properly associated with the all main towns and the adroit professionals are at your door step with one phone. We use modern equipment, and involve dexterous labors for ultimate satisfaction.


We have enough experience in transportation support and several adroit professionals are usually providing their skills nationwide. Our own transportation program is actually finely co-related to any or all our branches. We’ve obtained expertise over decades but still long listed satisfied customers are nurturing us using their beneficial remarks as well as support. We serve you to from planning to conclusion of relocation service.


Like Delhi packers and movers we are experience in agribusiness from epoch, backed by the hardcore ‘agro-specialists’, who will be ready to face any problems Nike Air Force 1 UK Outlet , and also handle the agricultural issues very easily. Our own support includes unloading and loading of corps, ‘agro’ products shifting, packaging and unpacking vegetables, and relocation to the market place. We give special attention on warehousing service. Warehousing service is not only a word, it offers several sub service such as Inward bound receiving, container de-stuffing and cross-platform clearance, Storage facilities Nike Air Force 1 UK For sale , processing customer returns, shipping coast to coast, packing, crate clearing, container service, individual goods shipments, crane service Wholesale Nike Air Force 1 UK , distribution warehousing, export packaging, heavy lifting, ‘mill righting’, carrying over dimensional loads, liquor transport, safe-keeping while in cargo and more. Warehousing service demands another very important part that is fire prevention method which Allahabad packers and movers handles with modern equipment.


Another important part is logistic management service which demands expert hands and hardcore professional service as products should move quickly by any means of transport to prevent unwanted damages. We packers and movers take special attention on this. Now a day’s transportation service is an essential service in our day-to-day life and involves all kinds of industry. We have ample of experience in transportation service and copious adroit professionals are imparting their skills nationwide.


Whilst moving the goods Nike Air Force 1 Mid UK , we engage modern and cost-effective vehicles, for proper and in-time delivery to prevent loss. We are specialist in corporate-relocation, transportation, loading and unloading, office-relocation, warehousing services, courier service Nike Air Force 1 High UK , car relocation services, industrial goods shifting, and many more. We deals with quality packing materials, high quality modern equipments, most importantly placing of the materials Last In First Out basis. We contentedly work on weekends and off work hours so that productivity level remains unaffected. When you are having issues of transportation, relocation, shifting Nike Air Force 1 Low UK , or any kind related to these, surely best choice is Allahabad movers and packers.

Global Balloon Catheter Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% by 2023| Ozone Market Reports

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Titanium 101.... There is a difference Sports Articles | December 31 Cheap Jerseys , 2004

Titanium 101? There is a ... has taken the world of golf by storm. ... of some of the world?s top golf ... have chosen to use titanium as their chief ... in assem


Titanium 101? There is a difference

Titanium has taken the world of golf by storm. Manufacturers of some of the world?s top golf clubheads have chosen to use titanium as their chief ingredient in assembling space age, state-of-the-art components. But why is this?

There are many materials as strong if not stronger than titanium. So why is titanium the material of choice? Titanium is not only one of the ?hardest? metals known to man but unlike these other hard materials, titanium is extremely lightweight. Because of these weight characteristics, manufacturing advances have enabled clubhead designers to build drivers of ever increasing size while not being inhibited by added clubhead weight.

Three different types of titanium are used in the manufacturing of today?s clubheads: 9-6AL-4V Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys , 15-3-3-3 and SP700. There are 3 characteristics that are used to gauge the quality of each type of titanium. Tensile strength represents the material?s resistance to breaking or cracking. The higher the value the more resistant the clubhead is to cracking. Elongation is the percentage each type of titanium will flex or spring upon impact. The higher the percentage, the more spring each metal will experience. HRC Hardness is fairly self-explanatory, exhibiting values that correspond to the metals hardness. The higher this figure, the less likely the metal will dent or become deformed upon use.

When evaluating the types of titanium and the figures used to do so Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys , clearly noted is the separation between 9-6AL-4V and 15-3-3-3 SP700. A golfer should avoid the purchase and use of 9-6AL-4V as the minimal cost savings (typically $20 to $40) do not warrant the inferior playing characteristics. As one can surmise, a clubhead made with 9-6AL-4V is much more likely to crack or dent through continued use. In addition, the elongation percentage is not nearly as high as the others mentioned therefore, a golfer would not experience the potential gains in distanceyardage that heshe would if using either of the other titanium?s.

Titanium?s 15-3-3-3 and SP700 offer tradeoffs when considering which may be better to seek when making your next purchase. 15-3-3-3 has the highest tensile strength of the 2 but a smaller elongation percentage. Meanwhile Wholesale Youth NFL Jerseys , SP700 still possesses considerable tensile strength but does add a few percentage points in the category of elongation. How does this translate? SP700, through its? higher elongation figure, can impart more spring upon impact and thus deliver more energy to the golf ball thereby increasing distance.

So what are the trade off?s? Simply put?dollars for distance. Though this figure varies widely, the SP700 titanium is typically a bit more expensive than the 15-3-3-3 Wholesale Womens NFL Jerseys , usually on the order of $20 - $40. This amount is oftentimes minimized by using SP700 strictly in the face of the driver head. Also, the higher one?s clubhead speed, the more realized benefit that could be realized from the increased spring effect of SP700. Golfers with a lower swing speed may not notice substantial yardage gains when comparing the two and therefore may not wish to pay this premium. Truly though, it is hard to go wrong with using either titanium as both offer such incredible playing characteristics Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys , such vast improvements over stainless steel

Please feel free to visit TourPureGolf (http:www.tourpuregolf), where we?ll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding clubheads, titanium, golf technology etc. We have a wealth of knowledge obtained from over 20 years of experience in designing and building golf clubs. We specialize in only the best in tour quality golf clubs and equipment and using only the finest in materials. Inferior grades of titanium will never be tolerated with us.

You can visit our website to learn more about our club selection and how selection of clubs can dramatically improve your golf game. Online Paralegal Degree: Learn How To Be A Legal Eagle From Your Own Nest

Posted by nick_niesen on October 27th Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online , 2010


Online education is rapidly developing. More than ever before, people are earning degrees from the comfort of their home or office. The benefits far outweigh the challenges and costs. Several types of degrees are available online. Those who want a career in law are now turning to online education. An online paralegal degree is one type of degree that is currently available. If you want to enter the legal field, you need to consider this form of education.


The field of law could not function without the assistance of paralegals. They are found in courtrooms, insurance companies Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China , governmental offices, and attorneys' offices. An online paralegal degree allows you to enter a career that offers prestige and a bright future. You also gain an opportunity to affect the lives of others in a positive way.


Each year more lawyers join the workforce. More organizations witness firsthand the benefits of having skilled paralegals on staff. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2006-07 Occupational Outlook Handbook, the employment of paralegals is projected to grow much faster than average.

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Plainly, "Better late than never." You wish to get results. It's a serious rant about a few of the emails that I've received lately. Bitcoin Freedom As a result of Crypto Bitcoins can pay off a year from now, it will be value it. That was the luck of the draw. The next step is to ask yourself what type of Crypto Bitcoins you want? It appearance strikingly realistic. Crypto Bitcoins looked pretty uncomfortable to me. Search for 'Crypto Bitcoins ' and then study what is shown to you. It's how to develop a working outline of Crypto Bitcoins .



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This can be how to manage your Male Enhancement. This can be like what my virtual assistant quotes, "If you can't stand the warmth, get out of the kitchen." KSX Male Enhancement Have we tend to got our head out of the clouds? We'll get to a couple of firm ground. You should only read this if you're prepared for these down to earth analysis of Male Enhancement. We're ready to sail into the sunset. Just about Male Enhancement, very little is said as this relates to Male Enhancement. Typically, alliances do not perceive Male Enhancement. They gave us the number of issues.


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Hellvape MD RTA
Hellvape MD RTA comes with a very interesting new automatic top spin tank atomizer on the market, designed for specific users. With a diameter of 24 mm, it is undoubtedly excellent on all kinds of battery cases. It looks great when set up on the top cover and airflow ring and offers six different airflow adjustments to meet a variety of needs. The installation of the coil is very simple and does not cause any trouble. The HellVape MD features two easy-to-swap dials with a honeycomb and MTL airflow slot that changes airflow by rotating the turntable 180°. In addition to the turntable, there are six levels of airflow so you can do a variety of configurations. Airflow ranges from very strict MTL to strict DL. 2ml (straight glass) or 4ml (bubble glass) large water tank is easy to fill, starting from the top, dropping the dripper, and then pushing the lid back to expose the filling port.

Technical Data:
Diameters: 24mm
Capacity: 2ml(straight glass) / 4ml(bubble glass)
Coil(Pre-built): 0.7ohm / 1.2ohm
Drip tip: 510 drip tip
Filling: Top Refilling System
Thread: 510
MTL Mode1: Recommended Air Holes: # 4,5,6
MTL Mode2: Recommended Air Holes: # 1,2,3

Dovpo Blotto RTA
Dovpo Blotto RTA with top re-filling and 242° of airflow direct to the coils design, this device will definitely bring you smooth flavor. Besides, With the dual diffusion airflow, the DOVPO BLOTTO RTA will bring you splendid vaping experience. Moreover, the glass and ultem bubble windows plus flat glass, this design of this RTA must be better than ever. Three juice reservoirs are included with Blotto by Dovpo: a 2mL standard glass, a 6mL bubble glass and a 6mL bubble tube which is made of Ultem. In this way, you can make the Blotto more portable, give it a bigger juice capacity. Another cool feature is that it includes a bottle opener that also acts as a coil cutting tool, so you'll know how much coil length you'll need each and every install.

Technical Data:
Size: 26 x 54.50mm(2ml) 32 x 54.50mm(6ml)
Capacity: 2ml(standard glass)/6ml(bubble glass and bubble tube)
Coil type: Single coil & Dual coil
Filling method: Top Fill
Thread: 510
Airflow system: Adjustable bottom airflow
Material: 304 Superior Stainless Steel

GeekVape Zeus X RTA
Inherited from GeekVape Zeus Atomizers family, the GeekVape Zeus X RTA is a latest vape device for single/dual coil building. Top side airholes design and top-to-side airflow both ensure you good flavor and rich clouds which prevent bothering leakage problem as well. Made of stainless steel, Zeus X RTA is durable and easy to clean. It comes with dual coils build deck which is easy to operate, combined with the Geekvape coils, it will bring a very excellent vaping experience! Together with the large 4.5ml juice capacity, it supports top refilled and compatible with both 810 and 510 drip tips. 6 colors are available.

Technical Data:
Size: 25*25*44mm
Diameter: 25mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 4.5ml
Drip Tip: 810 Drip Tip
Thread Type: 510

Find more vape e cigarette, please visit our vape shops VaporMo
Augvape Intake Dual RTA
Damn Vape Diamond
Oumier Wasp Nano

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Rincoe Manto AIO
Il kit Rincoe Manto AIO è realizzato con un corpo in alluminio ed è ultraleggero e rende il dispositivo super leggero e comodo da portare in viaggio. Il kit Manto AIO 80w è appositamente alimentato da una singola batteria 18650 e regolabile da 1 a 80 watt, viene caricato tramite la porta USB di tipo C, che offre un tempo di funzionamento più lungo e un'esperienza potente. Lo schermo OLED da 0,49 pollici e il pulsante su / giù sulla superficie rendono tutto facile e chiaro. E ci sono due tipi di 510 drip tip per vapers MTL / DTL. La cartuccia Rincoe Manto Aio ha una capacità di succo elettronico di 3 ml ed è facile da riempire lateralmente. E le cartucce di inchiostro visibili e il flusso d'aria regolabile offrono ad ogni cliente un'esperienza più comoda e intuitiva. Il kit Manto Aio 80w riconosce in modo intelligente le bobine e si adatta automaticamente alla potenza dopo la cartuccia inserita nel dispositivo, per evitare che le bobine si brucino.

Dati tecnici:
Dimensioni: 24,3 * 45 * 80 mm
Capacità: 3 ML
Uso della batteria: alta velocità sostituibile singola di 18650 celle (CDC> 25A)
Tempo di infornamento: 0.001S
Tensione di carica: 5 V / 1 A
Materiale: lega di alluminio

Hugo Vapor Planet
L'Hugo Vapor Planet Kit è un nuovo kit di sistema pod alla moda della società Hugo Vapor, realizzato in alluminio 6063, è resistente all'uso. Alimentato da una singola batteria 18650, il Planet Pod Kit supporta una potenza di 45 W. Inoltre, l'Hugo Vapor Planet viene fornito con una mesh coil da 0,4 ohm, una bobina DC regolare da 1,4 ohm e una bobina RBA fai-da-te per lo svapo DTL e MTL per soddisfare tutte le tue esigenze di svapo e offrirti un'esperienza di svapo eccezionale. Oltre alla cartuccia pod da 3 ml con design facile da riempire, drip tip 510 e porta Type-C, il kit Hugo Vapor Planet è sicuramente un eccellente dispositivo di svapo pod.

Dati tecnici:
Dimensioni: 97 x 46,5 x 24,5 mm
Batteria: singola batteria 18650 (non inclusa)
Capacità del succo: 3 ml
Materiale del baccello: PCTG per uso alimentare
Resistenza bobina: mesh coil da 0,4 ohm, dual regular DC coil da 1,4 ohm, RBA coil fai da te
Potenza in uscita: 45W
Porta USB: Tipo-C
Drip Tip: 510

OVNS JC02 è la versione aggiornata e migliorata del kit JC01 originale compatibile con i bean pre-riempiti JUUL. Alimentato da un 650mAh incorporato, può durare abbastanza a lungo prima di caricarsi. Mentre rinuncia alla compatibilità a favore di una nuova e migliorata bobina in ceramica da 1.2Ω ohm e di un E-Liquid Pod da 1 ml, la JC02 compie un ulteriore passo avanti nella creazione di una fantastica produzione di aroma e longevità ottimizzata anche per Salt Nicotine Vaping. Inoltre è un dolce promemoria per il suo indicatore di potenza intelligente a 3 livelli. Per quanto riguarda l'aspetto, questo kit fornisce una speciale catena JC02 per essere facile da portare avanti.

Dati tecnici:
Dimensioni: 38mm x 66mm x13mm
Capacità della batteria: 650mAh
Capacità del pod: 1,0 ml
Resistenza bobina: ceramica da 1.2 ohm

Trova altri sigaretta elettronica pod migliore, visita il nostro sito VaporMo
Hugo Vapor Kylin
Hellvape Grimm
Wellon Beyond

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Das VOOPOO VINCI X-Pod-Kit ist kleiner, einfacher zu bedienen und sicherer zu verwenden. VINCI X ist Vorreiter der Akkuträger einer neuen Ära der KI und Portabilität. Der VINCI X wird mit einer einzigen 18650-Batterie betrieben und unterstützt eine maximale Ausgangsleistung von 70W. Darüber hinaus erleichtert der abschraubbare Batteriedeckel den Batteriewechsel. Der GENE.AI Smart Chip macht den VINCI X bequemer und dampffreundlicher als andere Akkuträgers. Außerdem ist die E-Flüssigkeits-Kapazität sichtbar und jeder Tropfen verbleibender E-Flüssigkeit ist spürbar. Die Atmung ist auch sichtbar und Sie können Ihre Dampf-Gewohnheit durch eine Puffkurve überprüfen. Der VOOPOO VINCI X Pod ist sichtbar und unterstützt duale Luftstromsysteme sowie E-Flüssigkeit-Aufbewahrung mit einem großen Fassungsvermögen von 5,5ml. Der VINCI X Pod ist mit 0,3-Ohm- und 0,6-Ohm-Coils kompatibel und bietet die beste Reinigung für E-Flüssigkeit und Nikotinsalz. Das VOOPOO VINCI X Akkuträger Pod Kit bietet mehrfachen Schutz für Ihr sicheres Dampfen. Schließlich ist VINCI X mit seiner geringen Größe, der einfacheren Bedienung und der sichereren Verwendung wegweisend für Akkuträger in einer neuen Ära von Al und Portabilität.

Technische Daten:
Größe: 117 * 29,5 * 25,3mm
Kapazität: 5,5ml
Batteriekapazität: Single 18650 (nicht enthalten)
Material: Zinklegierung + CTG
Coiltyp: PnP-VM1 0,3Ω, PnP-VM4 0,6Ω
Ausgangsleistung: 5-70W
Ausgangsspannung: 3,2-4,2V
Widerstand: 0,1 ~ 3,0 Ohm
Bildschirmtyp: 0,96" TFT-Farbbildschirm

OneVape Mace 70
Das OneVape Mace Kit ist ein brandneues innovatives Pod-System-Kit mit einfachem, aber exquisitem Design. Das Mace55 wird von einer eingebauten 1500-mAh-Batterie mit Strom versorgt, um eine maximale Leistung von 55W zu erreichen. Drei Spannungen, 3,3/3/2,7V, stehen für Ihre unterschiedlichen Geschmacksanforderungen zur Verfügung. Der OneVape Mace 70 kann mit 2500 mAh eine maximale Leistung von 70W erreichen. 5 Spannungen, 3,7/3,3/3/2,7/2,4V, sind bereit, Ihren geschmacklichen Ansprüchen gerecht zu werden. Der Mace ist mit einem Typ C-Ladegerät ausgestattet und kann eine volle Ladezeit von 1,5 Stunden (Mace55) und 2,5 Stunden (Mace70) erreichen. Darüber hinaus enthält das OneVape Mace Kit zwei verschiedene Mesh-Spulen für normalen E-Flüssigkeit oder Nikotin-E-Flüsigkeit. Das Onevape Mace55 / 70 Kit ist mit dem nachfüllbaren 3,5-ml-Mace-Pod definitiv ein großartiges Gerät für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene.

Technische Daten:
Größe: 26 x 28 x 117mm
Pod-Kapazität: 3.5ml
Batterie: 2500 mAh ( eingebaut)
Leistungsbereich: 3,7/3,3/3/2,7/2,4V 5 Stufen
Maximale Leistung: 70W
Material Aluminium Alloy + PCTG
Schnellladung: USB Typ C, Unterstützung 5V1A, vollständig aufgeladen innerhalb von 2,5 Stunden
Widerstand: TM0,2ohm (Triple Mesh Coil), M0,6ohm (Single Mesh Coil

OBS Alter
Das OBS Alter Kit mit dem All in One Design und dem Magnetverbindungsdesign ist einfach zu installieren und zu verwenden. Die Seitenverkleidungen nehmen das Hartglas 2,5D an, bequem zu halten und langlebiges Gut. Mit der eingebauten 2500mAh Batterie von Alter und einer maximalen Leistung von 70 Watt können Sie mithilfe der Auf- und Ab-Taste die Arbeitsleistung einstellen und den ergonomisch runden Design Feuerknopf drücken, um den Dampf zu genießen. Es verfügt über ein OLED Bildschirm zur übersichtlichen Darstellung der detaillierten Dampfdaten. Es gibt zwei verschiedene Basen für die verschiedenen Spulen, die Sub Ohm Basis und die Nicsalt Basis. Der Sub Ohm Sockel ist mit den 0,2 Ohm M1 Spulen und 0,15 Ohm M3 Spulen kompatibel. Nachdem die Sub Ohm Spulen installiert wurden, können die Ersatz Pods 3,5ml E-Saft aufnehmen und bis zu 70Watt feuern. Mit der NicSalt Basis, die mit der 1,4Ohm NX Spule und der 0,15Ohm SX Spule kompatibel ist, und den zwei Luftstrom Einstellschlitzen können Sie die Luft durch Drehen der Basis einstellen. Der OBS Alter ist derjenige, den Sie für Sub Ohm Dampfen und MTL Dampfen verwenden können. Die verschiedenen Spulen erfüllen Ihre unterschiedlichen Dampferfordernisse.

Technische Daten:
Abmessung: 85x43x24mm
Kartuschenkapazität: Sub Ohm/High Power Pod = 3,5ml
Nic Salt / Low Power Pod = 5ml
Energie: eingebautes 2500mAh
Gehäusematerial: Zinklegierung + Kunststoff
Leistung: 5-70 W
Spannungsbereich: 3,3-4,2V
Betriebsmodus: POWER
Widerstandsbereich: 0,15-3Ohm
Ladestrom: 1,6A
Spulen: M1 (0,2 Ohm), M3 (0,15 Ohm), SX (1,4 Ohm), NX (0,15 Ohm)
Steckverbindertyp: magnetisch
Anzeige: LED Bildschirm
Ladeschnittstelle: Typ C

Weitere beste pod e zigarette finden Sie auf unserer Website VaporMo

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 Betreff :Wie wählt man das richtige Growzelt?.. 12-11-2019 07:52:07 

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Thema : Wie wählt man das richtige Growzelt?

1. Größe

Betrachten Sie zunächst die Größe des Growschrank, das Sie benötigen:

Wie groß ist der Raum, auf dem Sie Ihren Garten anbauen möchten?

Wie groß sind die Pflanzen, die Sie anbauen? Wie groß werden sie werden? Wie groß werden sie bei voller Reife sein?

Wie viel Ausrüstung brauchen Sie, um hinein zu passen? Wie umfangreich ist Ihr Hydroponiksystem? Wie groß sind Ihre Töpfe und Pflanzgefäße? Wie groß sind Ihre Ventilatoren, Lampen, Nährstoffreservoirs, Luftbefeuchter und mehr?

Wie viel Platz benötigen Sie, um die Bewegung des Züchters im Growzelt zu berücksichtigen? Müssen Sie im Growzelt sein, um sich um den Garten zu kümmern?

Verwenden Sie ein vertikales Wachstumssystem?

Wenn Ihr Hydrokultursystem vertikal ist, sollten Sie ein Growzelt mit Höhenverlängerungen oder ein separates Verlängerungsset in Betracht ziehen. Dadurch können Sie die Höhe Ihres Zeltes erhöhen, damit es mit Ihren Pflanzen mitwachsen kann.

Darüber hinaus können diese höheren Growzelte tatsächlich die Gesundheit Ihrer Pflanzen fördern. Die Hitze steigt, so dass größere Growzelte die Luft anheben, damit keine heiße Luft auf Ihren Pflanzen "sitzt". Dies hält die Pflanzen warm ohne zu überhitzen.

2. Material

Der Stoff oder das Material Ihres Growzeltes kann sich auch auf die Pflanzen im Inneren auswirken. Die besten Growzelte werden aus einer Art strapazierfähigem Segeltuch wie Nylon oder Polyester hergestellt. Diese sind stark und langlebig und tragen dazu bei, die Kontrolle über die Umgebung im Inneren zu behalten.

Sie können die Dicke des Materials anhand der D-Bewertung des Growzeltes bestimmen. Das Zeltangebot reicht von 200D bis 1680D. Je höher das "D", desto dicker das Garn. Eines der dicksten und stärksten Growzelte ist das ECO Farm Growzelt mit 1680D Diamond Reflective Walls.

Das Material der inneren Schicht ist auch für die Pflanzengesundheit von entscheidender Bedeutung. Die meisten Systeme haben eine glänzende, reflektierende Innenschicht, die häufig aus Polyethylenterephthalat besteht. Es kann von 50 bis 90% Reflexionsvermögen reichen. Je mehr reflektiert wird, desto weniger Energie wird für die Beleuchtung Ihrer Pflanzen verbraucht, was zu einer besseren Lichtabdeckung und höheren Kosteneinsparungen führt.

3. Rahmen

Der Zeltrahmen verstärkt die Struktur und sorgt für Stabilität. Sie möchten einen stabilen Rahmen, der Ihre Anlagen und Geräte im Inneren trägt. Je dicker die Stange ist, desto mehr Gewicht wird sie tragen.

Der stärkste Rahmen ist Hochleistungsstahl, obwohl dies teuer und umständlich sein kann. ECO Farm günstig Growzelt haben einige der stärksten Metallstangen, um maximale Sicherheit zu bieten, ohne zu sperrig in Ihrem Raum zu sein.

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 Betreff :Wie wählt man das richtige Growzelt?.. 12-11-2019 07:50:59 

Forum : Pinnwand
Thema : Wie wählt man das richtige Growzelt?

1. Größe

Betrachten Sie zunächst die Größe des Growschrank, das Sie benötigen:

Wie groß ist der Raum, auf dem Sie Ihren Garten anbauen möchten?

Wie groß sind die Pflanzen, die Sie anbauen? Wie groß werden sie werden? Wie groß werden sie bei voller Reife sein?

Wie viel Ausrüstung brauchen Sie, um hinein zu passen? Wie umfangreich ist Ihr Hydroponiksystem? Wie groß sind Ihre Töpfe und Pflanzgefäße? Wie groß sind Ihre Ventilatoren, Lampen, Nährstoffreservoirs, Luftbefeuchter und mehr?

Wie viel Platz benötigen Sie, um die Bewegung des Züchters im Growzelt zu berücksichtigen? Müssen Sie im Growzelt sein, um sich um den Garten zu kümmern?

Verwenden Sie ein vertikales Wachstumssystem?

Wenn Ihr Hydrokultursystem vertikal ist, sollten Sie ein Growzelt mit Höhenverlängerungen oder ein separates Verlängerungsset in Betracht ziehen. Dadurch können Sie die Höhe Ihres Zeltes erhöhen, damit es mit Ihren Pflanzen mitwachsen kann.

Darüber hinaus können diese höheren Growzelte tatsächlich die Gesundheit Ihrer Pflanzen fördern. Die Hitze steigt, so dass größere Growzelte die Luft anheben, damit keine heiße Luft auf Ihren Pflanzen "sitzt". Dies hält die Pflanzen warm ohne zu überhitzen.

2. Material

Der Stoff oder das Material Ihres Growzeltes kann sich auch auf die Pflanzen im Inneren auswirken. Die besten Growzelte werden aus einer Art strapazierfähigem Segeltuch wie Nylon oder Polyester hergestellt. Diese sind stark und langlebig und tragen dazu bei, die Kontrolle über die Umgebung im Inneren zu behalten.

Sie können die Dicke des Materials anhand der D-Bewertung des Growzeltes bestimmen. Das Zeltangebot reicht von 200D bis 1680D. Je höher das "D", desto dicker das Garn. Eines der dicksten und stärksten Growzelte ist das ECO Farm Growzelt mit 1680D Diamond Reflective Walls.

Das Material der inneren Schicht ist auch für die Pflanzengesundheit von entscheidender Bedeutung. Die meisten Systeme haben eine glänzende, reflektierende Innenschicht, die häufig aus Polyethylenterephthalat besteht. Es kann von 50 bis 90% Reflexionsvermögen reichen. Je mehr reflektiert wird, desto weniger Energie wird für die Beleuchtung Ihrer Pflanzen verbraucht, was zu einer besseren Lichtabdeckung und höheren Kosteneinsparungen führt.

3. Rahmen

Der Zeltrahmen verstärkt die Struktur und sorgt für Stabilität. Sie möchten einen stabilen Rahmen, der Ihre Anlagen und Geräte im Inneren trägt. Je dicker die Stange ist, desto mehr Gewicht wird sie tragen.

Der stärkste Rahmen ist Hochleistungsstahl, obwohl dies teuer und umständlich sein kann. ECO Farm günstig Growzelt haben einige der stärksten Metallstangen, um maximale Sicherheit zu bieten, ohne zu sperrig in Ihrem Raum zu sein.

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 Betreff :Die vollständige Liste der Vorteile von LED Grow Lights.. 12-11-2019 07:45:49 
Die vollständige Liste der Vorteile von LED Grow Lights

Forum : Pinnwand
Thema : Die vollständige Liste der Vorteile von LED Grow Lights

1. Erhöhte Lebensdauer

Der wahrscheinlich größte Vorteil von

LED-Pflanzenlampen für Cannabis ist die längere Lebensdauer der Glühbirnen. Die Leuchtdioden haben einen sehr hohen Wirkungsgrad und einen geringen Energieverbrauch, was dazu führt, dass sie bis zu elf Jahre ununterbrochen leuchten oder 22 Stunden Halbzeitbetrieb haben. Im Vergleich zu MH- und HPS-Lampen haben LED-Growlampen eine Lebensdauer von ca. 85.000 Stunden mehr. Darüber hinaus hören LED-Growlampennicht auf, plötzlich zu arbeiten, sondern nehmen langsam an Helligkeit ab, was den Verbraucher auffordert, sich auf den Wechsel vorzubereiten. Aufgrund des modularen Aufbaus der meisten LED-Panels kann ein Züchter die alten LEDs gegen neue austauschen und weiter wachsen.


In Innenräumen, in denen eine konstante Beleuchtung wichtig ist, ist eine lange Lebensdauer der Glühlampen von großem Vorteil, da hierdurch weniger Wartungszeiten und -kosten anfallen.


2. Energieeinsparung

LED-Lampen erzeugen die gleiche Lichtmenge wie HID-Growlampen, verbrauchen jedoch weniger Watt. Damit sind sie die besten Lichtquellen für Stromeinsparungen. Ein Test der Effizienz zwischen den Hochdruck-Natriumdampflampen (HPS) und den LED-Growlampen ergab, dass LEDs den Energieverbrauch um 40% senken.


Schwache Hitze, mehr Licht

LED-Growlampen gibt viel weniger Wärme ab als die Beleuchtungsmethoden anderer Growlampen, was für das Pflanzenwachstum von großer Bedeutung ist. Zu viel Wärme kann die Pflanzen schädigen und ihr Wachstum und ihre Lebensdauer verringern.


Die höhere Lichtausbeute und die geringe Wärmeentwicklung der LED-Growlampen erfüllen die Bedürfnisse der Pflanzen nach Wachstum und Blüte.


Benötigen Sie weniger Leistung, hohe Effizienz



3. Leicht steuerbar

Es gibt eine zunehmende Anzahl von LED-Pflanzenlampe, die das Spektrum, das Dimmen und die Zeitsteuerung in die Produkttechnologie einbeziehen.


Spectrum Control

Die Spektralsteuerung bietet die Möglichkeit, jedes Spektrum des Panels unabhängig zu steuern. Das Spektrum herkömmlicher Anbaulampen ist einfach und kann nicht manipuliert werden, während die verschiedenen Farben der LED-Growlampen (Rot, Blau und Weiß) jetzt in verschiedenen Kombinationen ein- oder ausgeschaltet werden können, je nach Anbauphase und Anforderungen der Sorten.



Die Dimmsteuerung ermöglicht es dem Züchter, den Anteil der an die Pflanzen übertragenen Wellenlängen anzupassen, da viele LED-Pflanzenlampe von 1% bis 100% dimmbar sind. Manchmal ist die volle Intensität nicht erforderlich, was bedeutet, dass der Züchter auch hier eine andere Kombination der Lichter vornehmen kann - zum Beispiel den Blauanteil um einen bestimmten Prozentsatz dimmen und den vollen Prozentsatz von Rot- und Weißtönen verwenden oder alle Kanäle zu dimmen ein bestimmter Prozentsatz, abhängig vom Wachstumsstadium der Pflanzen.


Zeitliche Koordinierung

Ein weiteres verfügbares Merkmal der LEDs ist die Zeitplanung der Lichter, so dass der Züchter das Spektrum und die Dimmpläne programmieren kann. Dies ermöglicht eine manuelle Auswahl des Spektrums und der Intensität für jede Stunde des Tages.


4. Niedrigere HLK-Kosten

Wie oben erwähnt, benötigen LEDs weniger Watt, um die gleiche Lichtmenge wie andere Wachstumslampen zu liefern, was bedeutet, dass sie auch niedrigere Betriebskosten für die HVAC haben. Laut Angaben der Züchter sind die Kosten für die Klimatisierung nach dem Umstieg auf LED-Growlampen um 50% gesunken. Größere Wachstumsräume erfordern weniger Klimatisierung, und kleinere Räume können sogar in Betracht ziehen, die Klimatisierungskonfiguration vollständig zu entfernen - LEDs mit geringer Hitze können zu perfekten Wachstumstemperaturen führen, auch ohne die Klimaanlage.


5. Einfach zu installieren

Die LED-Growlampe sind besonders in kleineren Anbauräumen sehr einfach zu installieren. Ihr Design ist „All-in-One-Package“ und erfordert, dass das Licht einfach eingesteckt und aufgehängt wird und dass der Züchter für Luftstrom und stabile Temperaturen sorgt. Züchter müssen sich nicht um hängende Reflektoren oder Überhitzung des Anbauraums sorgen.


6. wasserdicht und staubdicht



Viele LED-Growlampen bieten den Vorteil, wasser- und staubdicht zu sein. Der Code, der dies ausdrückt, wird als Ingress-Protection-Code oder IP bezeichnet. Der Code IP65 zeigt an, dass das Produkt „staubdicht“ ist (6) und mit Wasser bespritzt oder besprüht werden kann. Es gibt verschiedene Arten wasserdichter LED-Pflanzenlampe, von denen einige weniger wasserdicht sind als andere.


7. Recycelbar

Im Gegensatz zu HPS- und MH-Growlampe, die Quecksilber enthalten und bei Bruch giftige Dämpfe freisetzen, gelten LED-Growlampen als die sicherste Option unter Zuchtlampen. Sie sind nicht vollständig metallfrei, enthalten kein Quecksilber und ihre Leuchtdioden sind sehr klein, ohne die Gefahr eines Bruchs.

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Thema : Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes color.

Genuine cigarette peak colouring light "looming", the peak carries a hazy feeling. This phony cigarette peak is relatively crystal clear, heavy Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes color.
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(2) printing of art logos on the back
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2 . Col tender seal. Genuine ciggie "canyon tenderness" seal colour is bright red. This kind of counterfeit cigarette "canyon tenderness" seal color is pinkish.

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 Betreff :Vaporesso Swag 2 vs Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 vs Uwell Valyrian 2.. 06-11-2019 13:37:08 
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Forum : Pinnwand
Thema : Vaporesso Swag 2 vs Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 vs Uwell Valyrian 2

Vaporesso Swag 2
Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit, una nuova generazione di Vaporesso Swag Series, adotta uno speciale rivestimento in gomma formulato, che lo rende più leggero, più resistente e più confortevole. Alimentato dalla singola batteria 18650, la potenza massima può raggiungere fino a 80w e displayer da uno schermo OLED da 0,91 pollici di alta qualità. Inoltre, AXON Chip all'interno ti offre l'incredibile modalità PULSE, offrendoti la massima esperienza di svapo e un comfort di livello superiore. Il serbatoio NRG PE viene fornito con una grande capacità di succo di 3,5 ml. Questo serbatoio presenta un disegno semplice con apertura a vite e si avvale del nuovo sistema di bobine GT core. La bobina potenziata GT4 Meshed porta due core mesh per aumentare l'area di contatto dando nuvole più dense e saporite.

Dati tecnici:
Mod SWAG 2
Dimensioni: 50 * 25 * 75mm
Resistenza: 0,03-5,0Ω
Potenza di uscita: 5-80 W
Corrente di carica: DC 5V/ 2A, Micro USB
Display: schermo OLED da 0,91 "
Chipset: AXON Chip
Batteria: 1 * 18650 (non inclusa)
Compatibilità batteria: 510
Compatibilità serbatoio: max 25mm

Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2
Il kit Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 è dotato di protezione IP67 impermeabile che può essere protetto al 100% da oggetti solidi come polvere e sabbia ed è stato testato per funzionare per almeno 30 minuti, mentre tra 15cm e 1m circa di acqua. Alimentato da due batterie 18650, il kit è dotato di uno schermo a colori da 0,96 pollici con una potenza massima di 200 Watt. Grazie al chip avatar sviluppato autonomamente, puoi sparare in 0.001 secondi e rendere lo svapo più sicuro e più affidabile. Il Tank Trough è dotato di capacità E-jucie da 6,5 ml che può soddisfare lo svapo dell'intero giorno. È dotato di nuova Coil WT01 singola da 0,35 ohm e Coil WT02 doppia da 0,2ohm per un gusto puro e una nuvola enorme. Il serbatoio Trough adotta il riempimento superiore a scorrimento rapido e il controllo del flusso d'aria regolabile. 4 colori tra cui scegliere.

Dati tecnici:
Reuleaux Tinker2 MOD
Dimensioni: 90 x 53,5 x 28,5 mm
Batteria: 2 x 18650 celle (non incluse)
Schermo: schermo a colori da 0,96 pollici
Potenza in uscita: 1-200 W
Modalità di uscita: TC-Ni / TC-Ti / TC-SS / TCR (M1, M2, M3) / Modalità VW
Intervallo di resistenza: 0,05-1,5 ohm per le modalità TC; 0,05-3,5ohm per la modalità VW
Corrente di carica massima: 2A
Campo di tensione in uscita: 0,5-8V
Tipo di filetto: 510
Trough Tank
Dimensioni: 30x 50mm
Capacità: 6,5 ml
Bobina: WTO1 singola 0,35ohm (30-50W) / WTO2 doppia 0,2ohm (30-70W)
Drip Tip: 810
Filo 510

Uwell Valyrian 2
Uwell Valyrian 2 Kit viene fornito con un massimo di 300W Valyrian 2 mod e 6ml Valyrian 2 tank. Alimentato da batterie triple 18650, Valyrian 2 è il più potente mod da uwell. Il design del circuito Next-Gen assicura la lunga durata e la resistenza alla corrosione. Adottando le varie modalità di lavoro, sono disponibili molte protezioni per svapare l'utilizzo. Il serbatoio coperto da delicata mano lucidata che è armato con tecnologia autopulente. Si abbina perfettamente alle bobine della serie FeCrAI con vari tipi che offrono un sistema di flusso d'aria uniforme. Con un pulsante automatico nella parte superiore del serbatoio, il succo può essere facilmente riempito in un secondo. L'esclusiva tecnologia di analisi del sapore Pro-FOCS porta questo kit in modo che possano essere protette, come il controllo della temperatura. Il nuovo PCBA dimostra anche la sua resistenza alla corrosione e le caratteristiche di tutta la vita.

Dati tecnici:
Valyrian 2 Mod:
Materiale: lega di zinco, PC + ABS & acciaio inox
Dimensioni: 49 x 41 x 74 mm
Gamma di potenza: 5-300 W
Corrente di standby: <100 uA
Intervallo di tensione: 0,7-10,0 V
Intervallo di resistenza: 0,1-3ohm (VW) 0,1-1ohm (TC)
Intervallo di temperatura: 200-600°F / 100-315°C
Valyrian 2 Tank:
Materiale: acciaio inossidabile e vetro Pyrex
Dimensioni: diametro 29 mm x altezza 60,6 mm
Capacità del serbatoio: 6 ml
Discussione: 510
Specifiche bobina:
FeCrAI Quadruplicare Coil 0,15ohm: 100-120W
FeCrAI UN2 Singolo Meshed Coil 0,32ohm: 90-100W
FeCrAI UN2-2 Doppio Meshed Coil 0,14ohm: 80-90W
FeCrAI UN2-3 Triplicare Meshed Coil 0,16ohm: 90-100W

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Eleaf iStick Pico X

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 Betreff :Top 3 beste Doppelbatterie Mod 2019 verfügbar bisher.. 06-11-2019 13:31:24 
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Thema : Top 3 beste Doppelbatterie Mod 2019 verfügbar bisher

Voopoo DRAG 2 Platinum TC Box Mod
Der Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum TC Box Mod kommt! Der VOOPOO Drag 2 Platinum verfügt über einen innovativen Gen Chip mit mehreren Leistungsanpassungen wie Flavour Set, Cloud Set und Batterie Set. Gleichzeitig kann die Batterieeffizienz auf höchstem Niveau optimiert werden. Darüber hinaus zeichnet sich der FIT-Modus mit einer Brandschutzbrücke der Klasse V0 durch seine hohe Sicherheit aus, mit der Tanks vor Ausbrennen, Blockieren von Staub und Flüssigkeiten geschützt werden können. Erwähnenswert ist, dass der Platinum Drag 2 ein ergonomisches Design mit abgerundeter Oberfläche und abgerundeten Ecken für ein angenehmes Handgefühl aufweist. Der Voopoo Drag 2 Platinum TC Box Mod bietet eine haltbare und tragbare Konstruktion aus Zinklegierung und Harz mit klarem OLED Bildschirm und ist aufgrund seiner hohen Qualität und des günstigen Preises eine der besten Möglichkeiten für Sie.

Technische Daten:
Maße: 88.3 x 51 x 26.5 mm
Batterie: 2 x 18650 Batterien (NICHT enthalten)
Leistungsbereich: 5-177W
Widerstandsbereich: 0.05-5.0 Ohm
Temperaturbereich: 100-315 ℃ / 200-600℉
Innovativer Modus: FIT-Modus
Ruhestrom: <10uA
Ausgangsstrom: 0-40A
Ausgangsspannungsbereich: 0-7,5 V
Verbesserte Funktion: Ja
Anschluss: 510er
Gewicht: 158g
Material: Zinklegierung & Harz

Vaporesso GEN Mod
Vaporesso GEN Mod verfügt über ein innovatives Gehäuse mit 4 Schichten Beschichtung, das sich weich wie Gummi anfühlt und sich dennoch glatt anfühlt. Die Endbeschichtung macht es kratzfest und schwer entflammbar. Im Pulsmodus gibt AXON Ihnen während des gesamten Zuges (alle 0,02 Sekunden) einen Treffer - nicht nur vom ersten Schuss an - und bringt Ihnen mit jedem Zug kräftigere, aromatischere Wolken. GEN macht Hochleistungsgeräte für Menschen zugänglicher als je zuvor. 220 W in einem 107 Gramm Körper, der sich glatt, aber strukturiert und langlebig anfühlt, fühlt sich an, als ob er ein Teil von Ihnen wäre. GEN gibt während jeder Inhalation - nicht nur während des ersten Feuers - extra, um einen außergewöhnlichen Schlag zu erzielen. In Verbindung mit unserem neuen AXON Chip ist die Bedienung so einfach wie nie zuvor.

Technische Daten:
Maße: 93.5 * 27 * 53mm
Leistungsbereich: 5-220W
Batterie: 2x18650 Batterien (nicht enthalten)
Anzeige: 0.91 'OLED
Widerstandsbereich: 0,03 ~ 5 Ohm
Ladestrom: 2.5A

Geekvape Aegis X Box Mod
Der GeekVape Aegis X Mod ist der komplett neue TC-Mod, der mit zwei 18650 Batterien mit innovativem AS 2,0-Chipsatz betrieben wird, um eine maximale Ausgangsleistung von 200W zu erreichen. Er bietet hervorragende Genauigkeit, stabile Ausgangsleistung und schnellere Reaktionszeit. Die verschiedenen möglichen Modi, einschließlich VW/TC/VPC Modi, sorgen für hohe Geschwindigkeit und präzisen Betrieb. Es verwendet einen 2,4 Zoll OLED Bildschirm zur übersichtlichen Darstellung der detaillierten Dampfdaten. Mit IP67 Schutz gegen Wasser, Stöße und Staub müssen Sie sich keine Sorgen mehr machen, wenn es regnet oder versehentlich herunterfällt.

Technische Daten:
Abmessung: 90 x 31,3 x 56,1 mm
Batterietyp: 2x18650 Zelle (nicht enthalten)
Eingangsspannung: 6,2V-8,4V
Ausgangsspannung: 0,1-12V
Ausgangsleistung: 5-200W
Widerstandsbereich: 0,05Ω-3Ω
Bildschirm: 2,4 Zoll OLED Bildschirm
Ladegerät: USB 5V 2A
PCBA Temperaturalarm: 80°C Arbeitstemperatur: -10-45 ℃
Standby-Strom: Weniger als 10uA
Temperaturregelung: 100-315℃/200-600℉
Faden: 510

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Nebelfee akkuträger

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It's higher than nothing and also after all, hello Male Enhancement Formula. As a matter of reality, it's one thing to think about in reference to that. Maxatron Plus If one person has Male Enhancement Supplement that sometimes tells you that buds nearby will conjointly have Male Health. That's the time to master your own destiny. Someone wrote me a brief time ago requesting an installment on that very topic. I busted my hump over it. Maxatron Plus Pills What is a lot of, here is my info to you. This is often the easy situation. That is absolutely the best manner to try and do it. While this post cannot possibly cover everything in regard to Total Male Enhancement, it is my hope that can provide you a beginning purpose.


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 Betreff :Your Nike Air Max 720 Horizon Appears In the Wintry White wine.. 06-11-2019 04:10:15 

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Thema : Your Nike Air Max 720 Horizon Appears In the Wintry White wine

nike black friday sale Sportswear silhouette who’s very first unveiling transpired only but 1 week ago, the newfound Weather Max 720 Horizon offers surfaced again in completely new colorway fully made ready to set foot suitable winter wonderland. Branching off on the initial darker-toned colorways which have been previewed hence far, this coming iteration occurs outfitted that has a pure whitened base painted with Gore-Tex armor.

air max 97 sale is the largest athletic boots or shoes and outfits brand on the planet. It styles, develops, as well as markets athletic apparel, footwear, equipment, and also accessories with six significant categories: running, basketball, football, training, sportswear, plus Jordan. Shoes generates concerning two thirds regarding its sales. Nike appeared to be founded around 1964 and is particularly based inside Beaverton, Oregon.

cheap air max 90 has any permanent billboard space within the side with Madison Block Garden with Manhattan, the house of a person's 1-6 Manhattan Knicks, and because space this company has placed an posting featuring Kyrie Irving speaking about how he desired to come home that can be played. The continuous preview about the Nike Kyrie HALF A DOZEN Pre-Heat “Story Regarding 11” group continues with this official take a look at the “Los Angeles” colorway.

nike air max 95 sale has confused that Usada's report hadn't found proof performance-enhancing drugs being exercised on or even by NOP runners. Farah has never unsuccessful a prescriptions test in addition to has constantly strongly refused breaking any rules. Your Nike Or Project, go by Salazar, was founded in 2001 and was the property of four-time Olympic champion Farah involving 2011 and 2017.

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 Betreff :The particular adidas UltraBOOST Seems with "Silver Metallic".. 06-11-2019 04:09:22 

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Thema : The particular adidas UltraBOOST Seems with "Silver Metallic"

adidas black friday sale has right now presented it is second podium-worthy do the favorite running-turned-lifestyle silhouette: the latest “Silver Metallic” colorway. Calling upon a similar dark base/bold chrome highlight mixture since its gilded counterpart, the “Silver Metallic” offers a vivid style with a bundle of flair.

adidas womens sale uk MakerLab permits customers in adidas LDN to customise its purchases and experience regular occurrences with makers and makers. The store has been designed like a platform pertaining to creativity, along with co-creation rooms, art installations and exceptional collaborations supplying customers the method to create while using brand.

adidas superstar sale is the 1st brand that can put footwear technology towards the test throughout space, based on the make. As soon as 2020, the sneaker giant will send it's Boost pellets in addition to footwear off within a SpaceX cargo mission, giving the company the opportunity for examination devoid of the distraction regarding gravity.

the Yeezy brand happen to be having a terrific 2019 when they continue to be able to drop different colorways of some of their most popular silhouettes. By right today, Kanye can be gearing about start releasing many of the new silhouettes that have been teased, including that Adidas Yeezy Lift 380 that's originally thought to be cheap adidas mens sale.

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cheap nike air max 270 continues to retrieve some much-loved classics throughout OG schemes with all the latest being the environment Flight 89, a silhouette in whose run a few years ago ended up being cut short after any luxe upgrade through the now rethought NikeLab sub-imprint. If you’re familiar as opposed to colorway will probably not impress; rather, it additional so targets on versatility with an understanding fit for your late ’80s match.

nike air max 270 sale launched the first ever before German "Just Accomplish It" advertising campaign today, highlighting an innovative generation involving athletes who seem to go above winning, and celebrate people who work challenging on and off the pitch go society forward from the power connected with sport. “Du tust es nie nur für dich” ("You never get it done just intended for yourself") will be slogan of the campaign striking athletes being more when compared with athletes, but heroes as well.

nike air max 270 sale uk Live stores try and counter this kind of by getting its consumer base inside constant, app-based conversation. Nike through Long Seaside is described by corporation officials seeing that having “data-informed merchandise assortment, ” which means that what’s stocked in the store will probably be based on what customers tell the corporation through the actual apps, taking into account stock changes every two weeks.

nike air max 270 cheap researchers identified a Formulation One trail in Upper Italy, commissioned a lot of pacemakers, in addition to outfitted 3 runners throughout an different sneaker prototype. One of the runners, any reigning Olympic champion from Kenya called Eliud Kipchoge, simply ran the fastest marathon previously recorded — nevertheless he didn’t crack two hrs.

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